The Association of Canadian Custom Harvesters Inc. was initially formed on April 28, 1983 to deal with a specific and immediate immigration issue. In fact it has become an expert on the H-2 program and has successfully guaranteed future access to the United States market through the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Act and NAFTA. However, ACCHI quickly evolved to do much more.

Our purpose has been to promote Custom Harvesting at all opportunities.
ACCHI promote and improve communication and understanding with
farmers, the public at large, equipment dealers, manufacturers and all
levels of government. We actively inform members of issues affecting
their business and acts on their behalf in an organized manner.

ACCHI has proven to be an excellent forum for working with major
equipment manufacturers. It has established itself as the go to for
insurance, workers compensation, training programs, highway
transportation issues and communication with our American counterpart,
the U.S. Custom Harvesters Inc. ACCHI remains a clearing house for
information, forms and procedures for dealing with Immigration and
Customs. The Association awards scholarships annually to young students
pursuing post secondary education.Our annual conventions bring together
harvesters and industry representatives as well as government representatives
from both the U.S and Canada to work towards improving the business of
Custom Harvesting.

Please contact us if you are interested in the many benefits of becoming a member or
download the membership form. Two $1,500.00 Scholarships will be presented at
the Annual Meeting in December 2014. Download the Scholarship form.

The ACCHI's magazine, "The Cutter's Edge" is filled with information relating to harvesting and technology, equipment, law, regulations and labor among other issues. The magazine is distributed to 13000 recipients across Canada and the U.S. who are involved in harvesting.

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